Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Springfield Cardinals

We went to our first Minor League Baseball game at Hammons Field this past weekend to watch the Springfield Cardinals play.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

My family and I had a blast.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

Don’t let my son’s “I’m way too cool to smile for a photo” scowl fool you. He had an awesome time and even wore his University of Hawaii shirt for UH alumni and local boy from Hawaii, #4 Kolten Wong.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a huge baseball fan?


I love everything about the game.

The sound of the ball as it hits the bat.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

The strength and stamina required of each player.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

The pitcher’s beautiful dance.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

The thrill of the runner.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball, Kolten Wong,

And the excitement of putting a stealer in his place.

Springfield Cardinals Baseball,

I’ve been to Major League ballgames in the past, but I think I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with Minor League Baseball.

From watching players warm up just a few feet away to posing for photo ops…

Springfield Cardinals Baseball, kolten wong,

Signing autographs…

Springfield Cardinals Baseball, Kolten Wong,

And taking a little bit of time out to talk with young fans…

Springfield Cardinals Baseball, kyle conley

There’s something special about the Minor League Baseball experience that you can’t quite get at a Major League game. I’m definitely a Springfield Cardinals fan for life.

*Dear Photobomber in the above image: As a photographer, I possess the know-how to remove you from what will surely be a photo treasured by my children for years to come, but I opted not to. Instead, I’d like to use you as the face that represents Over Eager Fans everywhere. Over Eager Fans, the next time you see a player talking to a couple of young kids, the least you could do is step back, quit fawning over the player, interrupting him every 15 seconds and give those kids their moment. Thank you, #35 Kyle Conley. You made my children’s night and you made this mama smile! 


  1. by bella on May 22, 2012  8:20 pm Reply

    So enjoying your site and photos! Your children look like they are having such a good time!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  8:26 pm Reply

      We all had a great time, especially the kids! :) Thanks for stopping by, Bella.

  2. by bcIMthemommy on May 22, 2012  8:25 pm Reply

    I love baseball too. I played softball in HS (I was a catcher).

    I have an uncle that played 5 games in the show. So I've spent more than a few hours at the ball park.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  8:27 pm Reply

      That's so cool!!!

  3. by alicia on May 22, 2012  8:33 pm Reply

    I had no idea you were such a baseball gal! Very cool pics!

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  9:14 pm Reply

      Oh yes! :)

  4. by aquariann on May 22, 2012  8:40 pm Reply

    What fun! You did a great job with the composition of the first. The shoes are super cute. ^.^

  5. by Alexia @ Babies & Bacon on May 22, 2012  8:45 pm Reply

    We have a minor league stadium right down the street from our house. The Cooley Law Stadium home of the Lansing Lugnuts. The games are a blast for the whole family...and so damn cheap. Looks like you guys had a blast. And I'm cracking up over that Photobomber. WTH?! Just walk away dude. Why blow someone else's memory? Jerk.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  9:15 pm Reply

      You're so right about the games being super cheap! Bonus! And yes...the photobomber. I really couldn't believe that he just couldn't let the kids have their moment. So annoying.

  6. by Robyn on May 22, 2012  8:48 pm Reply

    Looks like a fun family outing, Kristi. Your pictures make me feel like I am at the game.

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  9:16 pm Reply

      We had such a blast, Robyn! :)

  7. by Amy on May 22, 2012  9:07 pm Reply

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

  8. by Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy on May 22, 2012  9:09 pm Reply

    OMG I love your final comment. I wish I had the knowledge to take a photobomber like that out of a shot!!!! lol

  9. by Mimi on May 22, 2012  9:29 pm Reply

    We've gone to a college league up by us, but hope to get to a St. Paul Saints game sometimes. We love the majors, too!! Love seeing all that red. =)

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  10:16 pm Reply

      MLB baseball is awesome! Loving all the red too. ;)

  10. by Michelle on May 22, 2012  9:34 pm Reply

    Looks as if you all had a great time :)

  11. by Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) on May 22, 2012  9:58 pm Reply

    I love these shots! My friend Dan is an amazing baseball photographer .. he has great stories about sneaking onto the field for pix. Yours and the fun your kids are having are equally great!!

    • by Joyce on May 22, 2012  10:00 pm Reply

      Great pictures! I grew up watching Lou Brock steal bases. It was awesome.

      • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  10:15 pm Reply

        That really is awesome! :)

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  10:16 pm Reply

      Oh that is so cool! What I wouldn't give to get on the field... Not sure I'm brave enough to sneak on though. lol

  12. by Danelle on May 22, 2012  10:03 pm Reply

    LOVE the shoes!

  13. by Dear Crissy on May 22, 2012  10:09 pm Reply

    Love your photos as always, and your new blog design :)

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  10:13 pm Reply

      Aww, thank you so much Crissy! You always bring a smile to my face when you stop by. Hope you're doing well. ;)

  14. by WeeMason's Mom on May 22, 2012  10:14 pm Reply

    Great pics as always!

    Baseball scares me. I'm totally conviced that I'm going to be hit by a fast flying ball in the stands, no matter where I sit. Like, practically "hide behind my chair" scared.

    And I'll be singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" the rest of the night... Thanks for that :oP

  15. by Kerry Rossow on May 22, 2012  10:20 pm Reply

    Wow! That looks like great fun!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  16. by Sarah on May 22, 2012  10:23 pm Reply

    How cool!! Looks like so much fun!

  17. by Lolli @ Better in Bulk on May 22, 2012  10:38 pm Reply

    I LOVE these pics! Such gorgeous shots! But my favorite part? Your message to Mr. Photobomber. LOL

    • by Kristi on May 22, 2012  10:55 pm Reply

      Mr. Photobomber was pretty annoying. And rude! lol

  18. by kewkew on May 22, 2012  11:13 pm Reply

    Love your pictures. Sounds like such a great time . You had a wonderful way of describing the game and loved the pictures that illustrated it.

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  20. by Karen on May 22, 2012  11:30 pm Reply

    Loved the Photobomber call out. Made me LOL.

  21. by Dominique@Dominique's Desk on May 23, 2012  12:10 am Reply

    Whao..so cool watching a baseball game live at the stadium. It must really be very exciting and a great experience for the kids.

  22. by Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} on May 23, 2012  12:18 am Reply

    Love the photos! WHAT a fun evening.

    And, good for you using that photobomber as an example. It's annoying, and so unnecessary. You handled it with grace. Lovely!

  23. by Jennifer on May 23, 2012  2:12 am Reply

    AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! Photo bomber guy! Dang, he had to get in on the picture too? Piece of work! Well, at least in spite of the guy, you had a great time! :-)

  24. by The Drama Mama on May 23, 2012  2:27 am Reply

    Im not a baseball fan, but your pictures and enthusiasm make me want to go to a game.

  25. by Pieni lintu on May 23, 2012  3:51 am Reply

    Sounds very American! :D

    Pretty shots!!

  26. by Run DMT on May 23, 2012  4:56 am Reply

    Awesome shots! I love baseballs games too. In fact, I'm chaperoning a trip to a Rays game today. Go Rays!

    Last year, I chaperoned a trip to a minor league game with the Tampa Bay Yankees. I have to agree. The players are much more personable. The kids loved it.

    The photobomber is too funny! Way to stick it to the man! LOL

  27. by Stacy Uncorked on May 23, 2012  7:36 am Reply

    Looks like you all had SO much FUN!! Love all the shots - and I'm giggling over your note to the photo bomber...amen, sister! ;)

  28. by Susan on May 23, 2012  7:51 am Reply

    Oh wow...what a fun family night!!

    • by mommy baum on May 23, 2012  8:53 am Reply

      looks like tons of fun! i just found your blog today, and am excited to stick around......love your photos! thanks for hosting ;)

  29. by Verena on May 23, 2012  8:59 am Reply

    Kristi, what a fun Family time you had! You all look great!
    I hope you are feeling much better and recovering quickly!


  30. by Gina on May 23, 2012  9:20 am Reply

    What a fabulous time- even if the weird guy got in the shot :) I'm totally laughing. I came across that game on tv that night & I was telling the hubs "hey- my friend is there right now- I saw her on Instagram". He thinks it's funny that I have all these friends all over the country. (that I have never met)

  31. by Mindi on May 23, 2012  10:05 am Reply

    Love these shots! I'm not a super huge fan of baseball but have a feeling I'm about to be. We recently moved to a town with a minor league team and my husband wants to visit all 6 of the minor league teams in the DC area this summer. I can't avoid it..I have 2 boys!

  32. by Satakieli on May 23, 2012  10:42 am Reply

    This is the second time I've seen the one with the photo bomber and it still makes me laugh. He kinda does look like he's trying to get out of the way a little but doesn't realise that you're shooting at a wider angle.

  33. by Jaymi on May 23, 2012  12:52 pm Reply

    such fun pictures! haha your note to the photobomber cracked me up!

  34. by MG Atwood on May 23, 2012  1:11 pm Reply

    Oh, my...we are soul sisters. I love everything about baseball too! We have a minor league team in our area. The Volcanoes. They feed into the Giants organization. It's a thrill for us to see the young men advance and become Giants! Love your shots. Have a great day.

  35. by Kimberly on May 23, 2012  4:00 pm Reply

    Wonderful photos, as always! Looks like a great time! Love the comment about the photobomber! Too funny!

  36. by Lisa on May 23, 2012  4:52 pm Reply

    Looks like you guys had fun!

  37. by cynthia on May 23, 2012  9:45 pm Reply

    Aww, I Love all those things about baseball, too! Minor league games are fun, I have been to a few in my hometown with my mom. I have a 20 game pack to the Padres so I make sure to get out to the ballpark that many times each summer. :)

  38. by Helen on May 24, 2012  9:50 am Reply

    Love going to minor league games. You get a good game, but it's so much more relaxed than a pro game. We always have a great time!

  39. by Teresa on May 24, 2012  2:28 pm Reply

    That looks like a great family outing!

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  42. by Camille on May 30, 2012  9:34 pm Reply

    Great pics, looks like a lot of fun!

    At first I got scared because I thought that photobomber was my stepdad... Lol.

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