I Was Here: Goodbye, Small Town Missouri

When my family and I moved to small town Missouri two and a half years ago, we felt a little like fish out of water. Living in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere was completely foreign to us and though adjusting to small town life was difficult, we fell head over heels in love.

In love with winding back roads, fields of wildflowers,

abandoned barns, beautiful horses,

and some of the most friendly people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

But alas, our time here in small town Missouri has come to an end.

Our lives have been stuffed into boxes,

loaded onto a truck

and hauled off into the sunset along a dusty gravel road on its way to Washington state.

We’re leaving a house full of memories and a community full of friends behind, but we’re excited about the new journey ahead.

Goodbye, house.

Goodbye, little town.

Goodbye, Plato, Missouri.

I was here.

*I’m celebrating my life’s journey and photographing my red Converses wherever they lead me. It’s all part of my personal, lifelong photography project – the I Was Here Photo Project. Click on the image below to learn more.

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  1. by Susi on November 12, 2012  10:39 am Reply

    You'll always have your memories. Good luck in your new town and state!

  2. by Mindi Stavish on November 12, 2012  10:51 am Reply

    Best of luck with your move. It's always hard to leave good friends and the sense of community behind!

  3. by Amanda Jillian on November 12, 2012  8:45 pm Reply

    So cute, and I'll be saying good bye {not so} small town NY soon.

  4. by Amy on November 13, 2012  6:31 pm Reply

    Best wishes for your move!

  5. by Nicole P. on November 13, 2012  8:38 pm Reply

    Good luck on the move! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new adventure but it's always hard to say goodbye to "home"

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